CSM Minting Rate

  • Lock CSM to receive a share of platform fees as stablecoin.
  • Vote gauge weights.
  • Vote DAO Proposals
  • Boost your LP Rewards.

Emission Formula

  • CSM will be minted depends on emission formula.
  • CSM's mint ratio per second ' _csmPerSecond ' will be determined by the Goat Ratio and the amount of locked CSM tokens in veCSM contract and the CSM lock durations.
Goat Ratio=50 (blog(ax2+1)+cx)\text{Goat Ratio} = 50\ -\left(b\log\left(ax^{2}+1\right)+cx\right)
The U-total formula as follows:
Utotal=i=1nUseriLockedCSMTokensUseriCSMLockDurations U_{total} = \displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^n \frac{{User_i \medspace Locked \medspace CSM \medspace Tokens}}{{User_i \medspace CSM \medspace Lock \medspace Durations }}
csmPerSecond formula as follows:
csmPerSecond=Goat RatioUtotal\text{csmPerSecond} = \text{Goat Ratio} *U_{total}
Example Mint Rate calculation:
exampleMintRatio=GoatRatio(user1duration1+user2duration2+user3duration3+....userndurationn)\text{exampleMintRatio}= GoatRatio *(\frac{user_{1}}{duration_1} + \frac{user_{2}}{duration_2} + \frac{user_{3}}{duration_3} + .... \frac{user_{n}}{duration_n})
Goat Ratio starts from 50(%) on the first day, reduces 4(%) day-by-day until the 4th year and continues at a constant 4(%) for the years after the 4th year.
The distribution of CSM emission allocations is arranged as follows for the platform liquidity bootstrap;
Base Pool
Boosted Pool
1st month
Trading fees + 50% of CSM Emission
50% of CSM Emission
2nd month
Trading fees + 40% of CSM Emission
60% of CSM Emission
3rd month
Trading fees + 30% of CSM Emission
70% of CSM Emission
4th month
Trading fees + 20% of CSM Emission
80% of CSM Emission
5th month
Trading fees + 10% of CSM Emission
90% of CSM Emission
6th month
Only trading fees
100% of CSM Emission
For the periods after the 6th month, allocations will continue as in the last situation.