Testnet 1.0 Intro

Weโ€™re excited to share that the testnet for the initial phase of the CashmereLabs has been launched today. This is a significant step towards the future of omnichain future since it establishes MEV-protected cross-chain swaps for decentralized liquidities. We eagerly anticipate the participation of traders, arbitrage seekers, and builders in the ecosystem and their adoption of this innovative approach.

CashmereLabs has a unique design that prioritizes safeguarding users against front-run and MEV attacks, as well as recommending the most profitable swap route. In contrast to other cross-chain swap protocols, CashmereLabs consistently provides the most profitable swap outcomes. It achieves this by simulating the MEV bot attack pattern and disabling them to ensure users receive an optimal trading experience.

To learn more about CashmereLabs please read the whitepaper or visit the medium article.

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