veCSM stands for voting escrow CSM. They are your CSM locked for voting. The longer you lock your CSM for, the more voting power you have (and the bigger boost you can reach). You can vote lock 1,000 CSM for a year to have a 250 veCSM weight.
To vote on the Cashmere DAO, users need to lock vote lock their CSM. By doing so, participants can earn a boost on their provided liquidity and vote on all DAO proposals. Users who reach a voting power of 2500 veCSM can also create new proposals.
There is no minimum voting power required to vote

How to participate in governance?

To participate in governance, Cashmere Finance users need to lock their CSM into a voting escrow.
You can do so at this address: '

Can I start voting right away?

You can only vote using your voting weight at the block where a proposal was created.

How to create dao proposal ?

  • Click Create Poll on ' '
  • Set title, proposal text
  • Your veCSM amount will be used to YES Vote automatically when proposal created.
  • If you want to give bribe(additional rewards) to those who voted YES or those who voted NO, activate Rewards tick.
  • Currently, only whitelisted tokens can be used for bribes. Whitelisted tokens;
  • Set bribe token address and amount.
  • Submit your proposal.

How to vote?*

Simply visit the proposal of your choice, click your vote option and confirm your transaction. You can find DAO proposals at this address: ' '
  • Select the proposal you want to vote.
  • A snapshot is taken of your veCSM at the block which is proposal was created, and you will vote with the veCSM amount at the snapshot block.
  • Vote YES or NO, you will see your veCSM amount at the snapshot block and proposal description in the pop-up

Where can I find out about governance?

You can visit the Cashmere governance forum at this address ' '