Single-Sided Liqudity

Only one variety of token is required for the Cashmere pool's single-sided liquidity provision. Your cauldron is not required to create liquidity pair tokens, making liquidity provision extremely versatile and scalable.
Once liquidity mining is available, you can farm our governance token CSM. Unlike previous-generation liquidity pools, pool composition and pool size will have no impact on single-sided token deposit and withdrawal, even in bulk. As a result, we ensure that new tokens are added or removed from the main pool in a natural manner, ensuring 100 percent exposure to single-asset use.

Liquidity Mining

The total number of CSM tokens minted in 1 second will distributed to;
Base Emission 40% Boosting Emission 60%

Base Emission

A deposit receives CSM tokens in an amount that is proportional to its share of the total contribution from the Base Pool. For a deposit in the base pool, the token emission is defined as:
Base Reward for a deposit=0,7Total Trading FeesDeposit AmountAgg. Deposits in Base Pool\text{Base Reward for a deposit} = 0,7 * \text{Total Trading Fees}* \frac{\text{Deposit Amount}}{\text{Agg. Deposits in Base Pool}}

Boosted Emission

By locking CSM tokens to get veCSM, depositors can get additional CSM tokens from the Boosting Pool. The Boosting Pool is used for a variety of purposes:
  • To encourage the purchase of CSM tokens
  • Long-term staking should be encouraged.
  • To link the farming of TVL to the staked token.
  • To lock CSMs and decrease selling pressure
  • To decrease CSM's circulating supply
The Boosting Pool uses a new token called voting escrow CSM (veCSM), which was inspired by Curve Finance's voting escrow CRV (veCRV). What is the mechanism behind it? Take a look at the veCSM qualities listed below:
  • veCSM reduces to 0 when CSM is unlocked.
  • Due to the smart contract's design, veCSM tokens are non-transferable and non-tradable, which means they will be locked in the user's private wallet.
The boosted pool's weight function and number of CSM tokens emitted are as follows:
w=depositveCSMw = \sqrt{deposit * veCSM}
CSM token emission for a deposit=Emission Allocated to the accountDeposit WeightAgg.Weights in the Account\text{CSM token emission for a deposit} = \text{Emission Allocated to the account} * \frac{\text{Deposit Weight}}{\text{Agg.Weights in the Account}}
The total CSM emission in the pool is determined by team discretion or governance voting and is not limited by pool size.

Total Return and APR

As a result of the preceding conclusions, the total APR will be defined as follows:
TotalAPRofCSMtoken=tokenemissionbase+tokenemissionboostingdeposit amountTotal APR of CSM token= \frac{token emission_{base}+token emission_{boosting}}{\text{deposit amount}}